Universal LMS Finance and Leasing Corporation

Products and Services

Whether you’re planning to get a car or having trouble managing your auto loan, we have unbiased resources and tools to help you get the best deal and avoid surprises that can cost you money.


Loan for New Cars

At Universal LMS Finance and Leasing Corporation, we make driving your dream car a reality. Our car financing options for brand new vehicles come with competitive rates, allowing you to enjoy the latest models with ease.

Loan for Secondhand Cars

Universal LMS Finance and Leasing Corporation presents a practical solution for acquiring a second-hand car with our affordable product – the Pre-Owned Car Loan. Owning a second-hand car has never been more accessible and convenient.

Leasing Services

Leasing for Brand New Cars

Experience the joy of ownership through our innovative lease-to-own program. Enjoy the benefits of leasing while building towards full ownership, with a guarantee deposit as low as 10%. It’s a path to car ownership that aligns with your financial goals.